Speedster-snail (or snail-bolide in French) is a small car powered only by the snail itself. The ribbon on which he is standing allows him to turn the wheels of the racing car and thus move at a much higher speed than what his mode of locomotion usually allows him.

How will the snail gradually take ownership of its car and its new abilities?

I "increase" small animals, but always respecting them. To offer them an extension of their fields of experience, without rushing them. However, this work has a critical component. On the anthropocentric conception that we project onto the animal kingdom, for example. I generate a whole little paired world, which poses in an offbeat way the question of communication between species and the ever-stronger relationships that we are developing between living organisms and technology. We can of course see there a transposition of transhumanism. Are we going to seek endlessly to surpass the limits of the possible, or could we rather think of sharing between us and the different kingdoms of life new ways of seeing the world, with respect and understanding of others?


A short excerpt from the first outings of our speedster-snail and its driver, Horace.