Work in creation

Winning project of the STARTS program of the European Commission

Suspended moment presents the ballet of two drops in levitation, two bodies and their milky way, suspended in the air, which approach gently, then merge... Here we are spectators of this very precise moment, out of time, of this instant where life, which was not, happens...

The origin of life still remains an unsolved mystery. Our two floating drops of matter, proto-cells, will give us the chance to see a small miracle happen before our eyes. The of them inert units became a. Alive? This transition from non-life to proto-life then materializes before our eyes as the drop-cell divides into two, then four identical units. It is only when the two inert entities are united that organic matter can self-organize to divide, once, twice, until infinity. The process started, the drop at work will fall. And two new drops will begin their ballet. Again and again.

The drops are held in suspension by acoustic levitation, and the image of their dance and fusion is projected large on the ceiling. A song immerses us, captives, in this endless process.