Video, 5'28''
Paper, water

Scientific Advisor Etienne Reyssat, PMMH laboratory, ESPCI.
As part of the Reflective Interaction/EnsadLab program
(Research laboratory of the National School of Decorative Arts).
With the support of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and PSL

Exposition Water At Work, Paris, 10-13 décembre 2014
Water At Work exhibition, Paris, December 10-13, 2014

" DANCE IN THE RAIN. Petit ballet de papier” offers us a succession of small dances performed by paper systems. They come alive when you humidify the air by spraying them with a little water. It is here the specific arrangement and the structure of the small papers which will induce the form of their movements. No special effects, it's just the humidity that activates them. The speed has doubled.


They move in a slender and jerky way, like a flower opening or a pine cone unfolding its scales. Nothing surprising in that: the physical principle of the movement of small papers is modeled on that of plants...