Mobile Phone Filmed Performance, 2008

Pocket Film Festival
Mobile Tube Project

Thank you to the participants, students of the course of Gwenola Wagon, M2 Plastic Arts, 2008, Paris 8.


The people present on the Beaubourg plaza are filmed from a fixed point. Among those present are scattered the participants in this performance. At the beginning of the experience, everyone calls a free online conference service, which allows them to join on the same line. A travel code has been defined beforehand, indicating the direction of travel and its pace. It is also possible to operate a gathering of participants towards a central point, as well as their random dispersion within the crowd. The result is filmed according to a sequence shot. Initially, it is not possible to distinguish the participants from the other people present. All of a sudden our brain will make the distinction and we will perceive, among the random movements of the people present, the movements which are coordinated according to the directives that we hear on the tape. his. We then witness a kind of choreography directed by mobile phone.

More info on the visual perception of the coherence of a movement with the lecture notes of Professor David Heeger from NY University here.